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Public Relations

We know how to get your name out in the market. We deliver specialised PR services that focus on different categories of reaching out.


Branding is a very essential part of just anything, and we deliver great results here. Let us craft your brand in a manner that delivers most impressively to your audience.


We have been in this business for years now. We know and understand the nitty gritty of the marketing of a product.

White-paper Crafting

Being in the vicinity of ICOs, you must already understand the importance of a white-paper for an ICO. We are experts in this area, with our team having written and contributed partially to multiple high-profile whitepapers.

Bounty Management

One of the best and easy marketing sources for an ICO. But, everything is manual and we do the ground duty for you, complete with the Math. We manage an entire Bounty Campaign for you. Ask for the detailed list.

Coveted Partnerships

We understand how important it is for an ICO to reach out to the public at-large and get recognized widely. This needs strategic partnerships, and we have a plate full of those for you.

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Help us help you craft the best Initial Contribution Campaign experience you’ve ever witnessed.

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Get To Know Us.

We, at CoinNUKE, are specifically interested in providing you with the best Contribution Campaign experience. Every component of an ICO is related to specific processes of Brand Building and Marketing that we have been doing since a long time. We have highly experienced individuals who handle specific areas of your ICO, and they’ve done this for some of the very premier names in the industry.

Our Promise. Our Guarantee

One thing we can promise. Reach out to us and let's get talking. We won't let you go empty-handed.